RLR Laundry Treatment

RLR Laundry Treatment


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RLR Laundry Treatment Makes whites whiter and colors brighter! Not a bleach, blueing, or detergent. RLR is also phosphate and perfume FREE and completely biodegradable. RLR is not a soap or a detergent.

This product is great when you are needing to strip any buildup from your cloth diapers. If you have been experiencing leaking, repelling or stinky diapers this can be a great way to deal with those issues.

We recommend that you do not use this product any more than once every other month.

How to Use RLR for stripping cloth diapers: Open package and empty directly on dry or wet, clean cloth diapers. Run a full wash/rinse cycle without detergent. Continue to run rinse cycles until the majority of bubbles are not observed in the washer. Dry as usual. The amount of RLR used is the same in a front or top loader. ALSO can be soak in the bath tub - run rinse cycles in washer until majority of bubbles are gone. Dry as usual.

Make sure that if you use this product it will not void your warranty with your cloth diapers by simply checking with the manufacturers website as to what is acceptable.

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