An Onbuhimo, also for short “Onbu”, is a baby carrier originating from Japan.

The Onbu acts as a backpack and can be used from sitting age, at a size from about 80 cm and a weight of 10-30 kg. If your child weights over 10 kg, but still can not sit independently, the Onbuhimo is currently not a suitable baby carrier for your protegee.

The Onbu is the ideal baby carrier for bigger kids who are already discovering the world independently but also like to be carried from time to time. It works like a backpack, so you can put the Onbu on fast and take it off just as easily.

Because of the missing hip strap, this kind of carrier is perfect for pregnant woman and you can combine it perfectly with longer coats.
The Fidella Onbuhimo is very comfortable to wear for parents and their children. It is also individually adaptable and supports the recommended spread-squat-position.

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