PeapodMats - Waterproof Bedwetting Mat 3'X3'


  • 5295

  • No straps or velcro - grippy bottom allows it to stay in place. Doesn't budge!!!
  • Lies on top of sheets - no tucking or wrapping around mattress corners
  • Lays flat without bunching - provides protection and comfort all night!
  • Lasts +500 washes
  • Great for traveling 

About the creators: 

Amanda & Liz

We are two moms, who from our own experiences needed a good quality re-usable waterproof mat for our toddlers and older children. We needed something they could use for bed-wetting but was easy for us as parents to manage. And thus PeapodMats was born!

When designing PeapodMats we made a conscience decision that they be as breathable and green as possible. By using a soft breathable cotton and TPU coating for waterproofing we achieved just that.

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