Milksta Rainbow Superfood Vegan Latte


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Are you bored with having the same drink over and over again?

Milkstabrew's Plant Pride is what you've been looking for! It has 6 different flavors you can enjoy while helping you reach your milky moo-ma goals!

rainbow latte breastfeeding

This Rainbow Superfood Latte has six different flavors, namely: Rosy Red Melon, Milky Melon, Tasty Turmeric, Perfect Match-a, Blissful Berry, and Purple Yam-Yum Plant Pride is also vegan-friendly, yummy, and guilt-free!

Milksta wants to give breastfeeding & pumping mothers the help they need with a colorful variety of organic and flavorful latte. Our brews use a combination of superfoods and vitamin-rich ingredients. Plant Pride is a healthy, delicious, and safe way to help nursing & pumping mamas boost their breastmilk supply.

We would love to give busy super moms the lactation boost in a snap! Milksta's instant rainbow latte is easy to brew and to make. Empty one sachet of your chosen color/flavor in hot water, give it a good stir or some shaking (if using shaker cup & cold water), and voila! There's your flavor of the day! 🌈

This nursing & #pumpingmama beverage/snack is organic, sugar-free, and halal, allowing everyone to enjoy its rich benefits. The unique blend is also gluten, dairy, egg, and lactose-free. Let's make breastfeeding & pumping more fun and enticing with this supercharged vibrant mommy drink!

NOTE: This product contains soy, rice protein, sunflower lecithin

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