Milksta Pink-a-Boob Lactation Pink Drink


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If you're a fan of the popular "Pink Drink" we've formulated this especially for you, momma!

Pink-a-boob Nursing Mix is made of Raspberry Leaf Tea and other special galactagogues that supports and helps increase breastmilk production. It is creamy, tasty & fruity without the guilt!

Are you a breastfeeding mother who is also a TEA lover? Milksta Pink-a-boob Lactation Fruit Tea: Instant Nursing Pink Drink is the right product for you!

Our product is formulated with 100% pure, natural herbal extracts to help increase breastmilk production without the guilt. It contains Raspberry Leaf Tea and other galactagogues that support healthy milk flow. Red raspberry leaves are also used to help strengthen the uterus, improve labor outcome and prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth.

lactation support pink drink for nursing moms

Milksta Pink-a-boob wants to give breastfeeding mothers the help they need with an organic and vegan fruit tea latte. Our product use a combination of superfoods and vitamin rich ingredients. This Pink Drink is a healthy, delicious and safe way to help nursing mothers boost their breastmilk supply.

individual sachets of nursing raspberry leaf tea galactagogue

We would love to give busy moms the lactation boostin a snap! Milksta's instant nursing mix is easy to brew and to make. Empty 1 sachet of Pink-a-boob in a glass of water, give it a good stir or some shaking and voila! Let's make this breastfeeding supplement drink more it with the dried strawberry & banana fruit bits and ice for a refreshing beverage even dads would like.

organic herbal blend raspberry leaf tea lactation

Milksta knows that you have to be careful about what you consume when you're breastfeeding. You want to stay healthy and ensure you keep producing a substantial supply of milk. Milksta's low-calorie pink drink is blended with 100% pure and natural herbal extracts to help boost breastmilk supply and production. This breastfeeding drink or snack is organic, vegan, and halal, allowing everyone to enjoy its rich benefits. The special blend is also gluten, dairy, egg, and nut free. It also uses Stevia, a calorie-free sweetener that won't spike blood sugar. 

Health is Wealth! Don’t waste time in finding the right milk supply booster, with Milksta's Pink-a-boob, you are on the right track! Its ingredients include strawberry, raspberry leaf tea, apricot, coconut milk, oat milk, moringa, brewer's yeast, dates, probiotics and stevia. Let's make breastfeeding & postpartum more fun and enticing with this supercharged refreshing mommy drink!


Mix 1 sachet in a cup of water, stir well, add in the dried fruit bits, top with ice and enjoy! We highly recommend using a shaker cup to dissolve all lumps & powder.

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