Milksta Moo-ringa Vegan Milk Tea


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Been craving for Bubble Milk Tea?  Milksta has formulated this for you, momma!

Milkstabrew's Moo-ringa Milk Tea is made of black tea powder combined with other plant-based galactagogues that may help boost your milk supply! It is creamy and tasty with less guilt!

Milksta wants to give breastfeeding & pumping mothers the help they need with an organic and vegan tea latte. Our product uses a combination of superfoods and vitamin-rich ingredients. Moringa Milk Tea (bubble tea base) is a healthy, delicious, and safe way to help nursing & pumping mothers boost breastmilk supply.

We would love to give busy milky moms the lactation boost in a snap! Milksta's instant nursing milk tea is easy to brew and to make. Empty one sachet of Milk Tea in a cup of hot water, give it a good stir or some shaking (if using cold water & shaker cup) and voila! Let's make this breastfeeding supplement drink more exciting by adding some boba pearls as desired that even dads would probably like.😅

This nursing and pumping mama beverage/snack is organic, vegan, and halal, allowing everyone to enjoy its rich benefits. The unique blend is also gluten, dairy, egg, and nut-free. Let's make breastfeeding & pumping more fun and enticing with this supercharged refreshing mommy drink!

NOTE: This product contains soy, brown sugar, and electrolytes (vegan)



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