Easy Peasies - WHALE SONG COLLECTION Diaper & Wet Bag * Exclusive*

easy peasies

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This beautiful diaper is inspired by the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious whales in the oceans surrounding Canada.

Available as OneSize pocket diaper, one size swim diaper and a double pocket wet bag! 

 One Size Pocket Diaper

  • Use from birth to potty training- 6 sizes in just 1 diaper fits from just 6 up to 40lbs. The waterproof stuffable pocket cover is economical and functional. Our most chosen one size option option. Made in Canada.
  • Super stretchy PUL (outer fabric) forms to fit your baby to a T. The softest of stay dry micro fleece inside keeps your baby comfy and dry while pulling wetness away and into the insert. Inner wetness channels keep messes in the diaper where they belong. Gentle elastics won't chafe or mark your baby's skin like other brands.
  • Offering you 6 sizes in 1 the Pocket Cover is the most versatile diaper by Easy Peasies. Covering newborn, and sizes 1 through 5 (compared to disposables) the 3x4 rise adjustment snaps, and two rows of waist snaps give you a truly customizable fit. By adding a 2nd row of waist snaps we've given you the ability to stagger the fit, so you can leave more space for chubby legs if needed without loosening the waist. Crossover snaps on the hip allow you to get a tiny fit for newborns and double as a means for easy tuck, roll and snap shut for dirty diapers.

One Size Swim Diaper:

  • Easy Peasies Swim Diapers are soft, comfortable, and completely washable & waste free.
  • Our popular one-size-fits-all design has been translated into a functional swim diaper with built in leak protection!
  • The outer PUL is super stretchy, and like all of our one size diapers is trim fitting and adjusts to fit babies from just 6 lbs up to 40 lbs.
  • Inside, we’ve added one light weight layer of absorbency to prevent poolside messes, and topped it off with a cooling stay dry mesh.

Double Pocket Wet/Dry Bag: 

  • The Easy Peasies Wet/Dry bag is perfect for on the go parents who cloth diaper, need an extra change of clothes, love to enjoy the pool, and more!
  • This medium sized hanging bag allows you to separate dirty from clean, or wet from dry items by using the double pockets to sort your items.
  • The convenient hanging handle can be looped over doorknobs, changing room hooks, your wrist, or strapped onto shopping carts and strollers.
  • 30cm by 40cm

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