Applecheeks One-Size Pocket Diaper - Ice Breaker

Applecheeks One-Size Pocket Diaper - Ice Breaker

Apple Cheeks

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Meet the new, beautiful ONE SIZE AppleCheeks diaper!

The decision to launch a one-size diaper was based on the recognition that MANY parents want a one-size diaper, and there’s no reason why they should not be able to purchase one from AppleCheeks! This is a beautiful product that comes with the same level of quality and support that customers have come to associate with AppleCheeks.

The fit, when fully unsnapped, is trimmer than a size 2, and will be a great solution for the babies who tend on the trimmer side and who may be between sizes for a little bit. As shown in these photos, it fits a newborn baby quite beautifully and can be used from birth. These one-size AppleCheeks cloth diapers fit most babies from 6-35 pounds.

This one-size line is in ADDITION to our classic sized system. The same inserts work with these covers. The interior of the diaper is the same, with the same pocket placement.

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