Tots Bots

We think we make the best nappies on the planet…
Let’s see…more than 13 years and 4 children later we know a LOT about babies and cloth nappies. It is only natural that over the years we have just got better and better at designing and making them. With the focus always on performance and quality, we put everything into our nappies so nothing gets out, proving not all nappies are rubbish.
The result – TotsBots cloth nappies are not only bombproof but they are foolproof too!! We design our nappies with the cloth-nappy-phobic in mind and take great delight in converting even the most reluctant subjects over to the fluffy side of the cloth nappy world. We have nappies to meet everyone’s needs, night nappy, day nappy, bright nappy, plain nappy, large nappy and eensy, weensy, teeny nappy. Most of all Happy Nappies!
And our customers agree…
TotsBots has a virtual cabinet full of awards. From seven Mother and Baby Golds (no other reusable nappy brand comes close) to Ethical Consumer Best Buy and they just keep coming in. But the biggest reward of all for us is knowing that you choose our nappies for your precious baby’s bottom. Having had four precious bundles of our own we understand what it feels like to want the very best for your baby. It really is a huge compliment when someone chooses our brand, and after all these years it still makes us smile.

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