Wullyz Wool Booties - Size 6/7


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Wullyz are hand crafted in Halifax, N.S. using 100% super soft sheep & lambs wool with a thick fluffy sherling insole. The sole's are hand cut and crafted with durable leathers and suede for long lasting quality. Wullyz have an added laced toggle for extra comfort and stay put feature for toddlers. With pure wools all natural properties it is highly recognized for its benefits of being biodegradable, climate controlled, anti fungal, moisture wicking, and very warm, thus creating a superior quality slipper. Wullyz will contour any foot type and can be machine washed gently in a cold cycle allowing to air dry. 

each pair is unique and beautiful! 

Color may vary slightly as photographs don't always capture it perfectly!

Sizing Chart :

NB : 0-3months 4-4.5"

1: 3-6 months 4.5-5"

2-3: 6-12 months 5-5.5"

4-5: 12-18 months 5.5-6"

6-7: 18-24 months 6-6.5"

8-9: 2years 

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