Give Cloth a Chance - Risk Free Cloth Diaper Trial

Give Cloth a Chance - Risk Free Cloth Diaper Trial

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Almost every day I hear people say they would have loved to try cloth diapering but thought it was a big investment for an unknown. True!  Well, we have solved that problem by creating a risk free cloth diaper trial program!

In a nutshell; You order your package which will be enough for 2 days of cloth diapering. If you hate it, return in 2 weeks  for a full refund ( minus deposit ), if you love it, keep them and  receive a coupon for 15% off your next cloth diaper purchase!  If you like some but not all, keep the ones you like, return the less than awesome ones and receive a full refund on those items.

We really want you to love cloth diapering, so this kit will give you a variety of styles but all awesome quality and well loved brands.

In This Kit :

1- Funky Fluff One Size Diaper 

1- BumGenius Freetime

1- Smart Bottoms 3.1

1- Easy Peasies All In One w/extra nighttime booster 

1-Thirsties Duo Wrap

1- Applecheeks One Size Pocket Diaper

1-Grovia O.N.E

1- Grovia Hybrid Cover

1-Easy Peasies Pocket

1- BumGenius 5.0 Pocket

1- Thirsties One Size All In One

2- Flip  daytime Bamboo Inserts

2- Grovia Stay Dry  snap in inserts

1- AMP Hemp  insert

1-Thirsties Prefold

1- Large storage sac to hold dirty diapers

1- Pack of cloth wipes


 You will also receive :

- a roll of 100 disposable liners

- sample of cloth safe cream

- enough detergent for the trial period


 The deposit is $34.99 and is included in the price. Should you decide to return all of your diapers, the deposit is non-refundable. 


Terms and Conditions : Your trial begins 2 days after you receive your new diapers. This gives you enough time to fully prep your natural fibres and be all ready to go!

Returns: We really want you to love your new diapers, but understandably, some may fit better than others, so we are happy to take back the ones you don’t want for a full refund ( minus a percentage of the deposit ).

If you wish to return the entire kit, no problem! We are sad, but understand :) Please return your diapers & accessories on day 15 for a full refund ( minus deposit )
Shipping is your responsibility so please make sure you keep an eye to the trial end date, diapers can be dropped off to me or possibly picked up if you are located within my delivery zone.
After day 15, the diapers are all yours and no refunds will be granted. As long as diapers are post marked on day 15, that is perfectly fine. We understand more than anyone how Unreliable Canada post can be!
Diapers must be in good condition on return*

Good condition means :
- staining ; its not unusual for staining to occur, and some fabrics hold on to it more than others. However stains from anything other than baby poop will void your ability to return said diaper.
-Tears, rips or other damage; each diaper will be inspected for condition prior to shipment. Any physical damage to the diapers will void your ability to return said diaper.
-Only use Cloth safe diaper cream. We have provided a sample of a cloth safe cream to use. We also sell many brands of cloth diaper safe cream. most drug store brand diaper creams will cause staining and repelling in your diapers, so if you are unsure, please ask me :) You can’t go wrong with good oil Coconut oil as well, thats cloth safe and a fantastic barrier cream.
- DO NOT USE Sanitize setting on your washer or high heat in the dryer for diapers. Extreme heat can cause damage to the waterproof layer and to the elastics.


We will provide you with Step by Step instructions how to use your diapers and how to care for them in a PDF upon purchase. 

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