Funky Fluff Hemp Boosters

Funky Fluff Hemp Boosters

Funky Fluff

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Do your diapers need a boost? Absorbent but very trim hemp and organic cotton boosters will give you just what you need for nighttime or your heavy wetter.

Design Features:

Sold in a set of 2 boosters
Contoured shape for maximum absorbency area
Each booster has 3 layers of hemp/cotton fleece fabric
Hemp fleece fabric has a luxurious feel
Steady absorption make these boosters perfect for your nighttime diapers
Can be paired with your Funky Fluff diapers & soakers or almost any other cloth diaper
Unlike Funky Fluff soakers, there are no snaps on boosters
Wash a minimum of 5 times prior to first use in order to prep the booster. Hemp will continue to gain absorbency through up to 8-10 washes
Made with 55% hemp/45% organic cotton fleece
Measure: 32cm x 11.5cm x 14.5cm
Expect boosters to shrink by approximately 10% after prepping.

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