Easy Peasies One Size AWJ Pocket Diaper - Whale Song *2nds Quality*

Easy Peasies One Size AWJ Pocket Diaper - Whale Song *2nds Quality*

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**** Please note this diaper is considered a seconds quality, functions perfectly well, but the experiment to create an AWJ wasn't quite perfect aesthetically This diaper is lined with athletic wicking jersey, has a pocket and one layer of microfibre****

This beautiful diaper is inspired by the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious whales in the oceans surrounding Canada. 

Available as  OneSize pocket diaper ( sold out ) , one size swim diaper and a double pocket wet bag!


Use from birth to potty training- 6 sizes in just 1 diaper fits from just 6 up to 40lbs. The waterproof stuffable pocket cover is economical and functional. Our most chosen one size option option. Made in Canada.

What's Inside

Super stretchy PUL (outer fabric) forms to fit your baby to a T. Athletic Wicking Jersey is a soft stretchy fabric which pulls away moisture from baby's skin and is also perfect for summertime. Easy to stuff and trim, AWJ is awesome. This one even includes a layer of microfibre inside to quickly pull away liquids. Gentle elastics won't chafe or mark your baby's skin like other brands.

Colors & Snaps

Offering you 6 sizes in 1 the Pocket Cover is the most versatile diaper by Easy Peasies. Covering newborn, and sizes 1 through 5 (compared to disposables) the 3x4 rise adjustment snaps, and two rows of waist snaps give you a truly customizable fit. By adding a 2nd row of waist snaps we've given you the ability to stagger the fit, so you can leave more space for chubby legs if needed without loosening the waist. Crossover snaps on the hip allow you to get a tiny fit for newborns and double as a means for easy tuck, roll and snap shut for dirty diapers.

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